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HQ Trust – family office at a glance

Family Office
Our team offers you services that are derived from the special standards of the Harald Quandt family

The assets of a family often contain different assets that have grown over long periods of time, sometimes in an unstructured way. We take a holistic view and draw the right conclusions from this.

We also find the optimal solution when several asset managers are involved. In addition, comprehensive control and transparent reporting are particularly important in the case of complex asset structures.

Holistic wealth analysis

We take a close look at your entire assets. Does the current situation still correspond to the desired strategy? And should it be adjusted for personal or family reasons?

Overarching Wealth Management Strategy

The long-term allocation of assets to various asset classes such as shares, bonds or private equity has a major influence on investment performance. Your individual return and risk specifications play a major role in the selection of the individual asset components.

Family Governance
Generation Management

Succession, dividends, distribution of tasks: Is everything settled in your family? Generation management, also known as family governance, stands for the various steps taken to ensure the long-term and value-preserving management of family assets.

Manager Selection

We observe not only a large number of asset managers, but also a large universe of liquid and alternative investments. Together with you, we select the appropriate managers and instruments - both active and passive.

Reporting and Controlling

With complex asset structures, such as in a family office, holistic control and transparent reporting are of particular importance.

Individual Services

Do you need further individual services? We would be happy to take care of your document management or review your security management. We give advice on philanthropy, sustainability, execution of wills - and on many other issues.

External Services

With our large network, we can support you in the selection of external service providers - such as lawyers or notaries, if desired. And we always have an eye on the quality of their services.


"Managing and developing values created over generations is an entrepreneurial task. We help you with a clear strategy, forward-looking planning and professional management of your assets."

Helmut Quast | Managing Partner | Client Advisor