Independent, neutral and objective

Your assets are in the best hands with us

Services that are tailored to your needs

The structuring of assets, whether they have grown over generations or originate from a company sale, is highly individual.

That is why we offer an exceptionally broad and deep range of services that can be individually combined.

Your interest is our focus

In keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Harald Quandt family, we feel committed to the interests of our customers.
Our independence is the foundation on which we can act transparently and permanently in the interests of our clients.
The long-standing customer service provided by a fixed contact person leaves no room for actionism or fads.

Our perspective is long-term

Successfully managing assets requires commitment and experience - the same qualities that are crucial to running a business.

Both here and there, the development and preservation of assets are at the forefront. For us, therefore, a long-term strategy that takes account of interim market fluctuations is more important than reacting to short-term market events.

The basis of our actions

Our approach focuses solely on your interest in preserving and developing your assets.

In the spirit of fair cooperation, we also keep a constant eye on all costs incurred in the course of financial transactions.

We are constantly working on new possibilities for you

Just like the Harald Quandt family when it was founded, we focus on innovative solutions for our customers.

This also manifests itself in investment products that we develop ourselves when they are not available on the capital market in the desired quality.

In addition, as one of the pioneers in the field of alternative investments in Germany since the 1980s, we have been able to offer our customers the best products.


"We support you in managing your assets with the structures of an entrepreneurial organisation. In doing so, we rely on access to exclusive investments, innovations and new technologies."

Hendrik von Engelmann | Managing Partner | Client Advisor