Our approach

Individual, diversified, long-term, transparent

Our investment philosophy
Our investment philosophy is characterized by consistent diversification across all asset classes

This includes constantly adopting new perspectives. Nevertheless, we always look in the same direction as our customers:

We try to bring out the best for you at all levels - product-independent, neutral and objective.

We put your interests first

Our goal is to preserve and develop your assets. To this end, new legal and tax aspects must always be taken into account - and this in a spirit of partnership, solely with your wishes and goals in mind.

We consistently diversify globally across all major asset classes

In addition to traditional, liquid forms of investment, we also consider alternative investments such as private equity, real estate, infrastructure, private debt or hedge funds in the interests of our clients and with a view to improving the risk-reward ratio.

Long-Term Investing
We consistently pursue your goals

Successfully managing and developing complex assets requires commitment and experience. For us, a long-term strategy that takes into account interim market fluctuations and an optimal strategic investment allocation are more important than reacting to short-term market events.

With us you have the full view

Our communication is clear, comprehensible and comprehensive. Likewise, there are no hidden fees with us. We consistently avoid conflicts of interest: we are remunerated exclusively by the client. And that from the very beginning.


"HQ Trust combines the investment experience of generations. We operate as a family business with exclusive standards and pursue an anti-cyclical and long-term investment approach."

Christian Stadtmüller | Managing Director | CFO | COO