Für den kürzlich veröffentlichten Capgemini World Wealth Report 2024 hat unser Geschäftsführer Christian Stadtmüller, der auch dem hochkarätig besetzten Executive Steering Committee des Reports angehörte, einen Gastbeitrag verfasst.

HQ Trust's Digital solution offers convenience and transparency to clients with complex asset structures

"Family Office clients prioritize transparency, trust, and independent advice. The focus is on advising the clients to identify the best investment opportunities and asset management firms aligned with their strategic objectives. This holistic approach builds a strong reltionship founded not only on financial performance, but also on a deep level trust."

Business challenge

German multi-family office HQ Trust manages the wealth of private individuals, families, churches, foundations, and institutional investors. lt specializes in assisting those with complex assets and prioritizes quick response and meeting client requirements on a case-by-case basis, particularly for estates or trusts. Because client assets extend beyond typical classes-equities, bonds, and gold - the firm sought to offer convenience and transparency to all clients, including those with complex structures and alternative investments, such as art.

Business solution

The firm's digital gateway, HQT One, offers unrestricted dient access to assets, individual asset structures, documents, reports, and exclusive analysis. The platform coordinates, structures, monitors, and evaluates asset information and documentation from banks, tax advisors, and auditors. lt evaluates asset positions and annual performances via benchmarks and historical data that cover liquid and illiquid assets. Clients have 24/7 access via the HQT app to review portfolio developments and change rationale. Analyzing stocks by sector or region can reveal trends such as regional outperformance and stock­specific highlights.

Business impact

HQT One's centralized information portal boosts client satisfaction through transparency and easy access. Clients make informed decisions and proactive adjustments while performing strategic evaluations, strengthening their bonds with HQ Trust, and fostering long-lasting relationships. HQT One features, such as multi-asset consideration, performance metrics, and accessibility, distinguish HQ Trust in the market. As a result, the firm is broadening its client base from those initially interested in reporting solutions to clients exploring areas such as alternative investments.

Capgemini World Wealth Report 2024 (PDF)

Christian Stadtmüller
Geschäftsführer | CFO/COO
HQ Trust
Christian Stadtmüller ist Geschäftsführer von HQ Trust und als COO und CFO unter anderem für die Bereiche Finanzen sowie Investmentcontrolling und Reporting zuständig. Als Senior Kundenberater betreut er zudem hochvermögende Familien und Stiftungen. Für HQ Trust arbeitet Christian Stadtmüller seit dem Jahr 2009.