HQT Global Quality Dividend

Global high-dividend quality shares of crisis-proof companies

The fund invests worldwide in 22 quality companies with a stable dividend policy

Since the financial crisis and the associated fall in interest rates on safe government bonds, equities with stable dividends have become increasingly important.

As there was no convincing quality product on the market, HQ Trust launched a fund for a client in 2012 with a strategy of dividend stable shares. This solution developed so well that other clients were also interested in the fund. For this reason, the newly launched HQT Global Quality Dividend was launched in 2016.

The fund, which emphasises dividend stability combined with a favourable valuation, has been awarded 4 stars by the Morningstar rating agency. This quantitative rating helps investors to assess the risk/return profile of funds compared to similar products.


"There are two important aspects to the dividend. Since the current level is only a snapshot, we attach even more importance to the continuous growth of the dividend."

Sven Lehmann | Partner | Fund Manager
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